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Professional freelance travel writer and travel photographer

Professional freelance travel writer Bruce Holmes

Internationally published Australian freelance travel writer and photographer Bruce Holmes did much of his travelling before he was old enough to remember it. With his father in Britain's Royal Navy, and his Australian mother wanting to be closer to home, it was only natural to be always on the move. And all that before he was six years old. So when he became a teacher of secondary English in Australia Bruce spent many a vacation departing for foreign climes, before deciding in 1997 to launch himself into travel writing and photography. As he says, "After all that time reading other people's words, I decided to write a few of my own."

Whether hiking up volcanoes, riding on camels, traveling behind restored steam engines or taking 15 aeroplanes on a round the world ticket in the tense atmosphere of October-December 2001, Bruce's writing and photographs capture not only the places he's visited but also the experiences of the traveller. Bruce's articles and images have appeared in a broad range of publications around the world.

More details on Bruce Holmes and his travel writing and travel photography can be found at his website at:

Bruce can be contacted about commissioned travel articles and photography at

Bruce Holmes, internationally published freelance travel writer & photographer

Bruce's travel writing and travel photography have been published in leading international magazines and newspapers including:

The Sun-Herald in Sydney
Business Express magazine in Australia
Destinations magazine in New Zealand
Noblian magazine in Korea
The Christian Science Monitor in the USA
The Express in London
The Arizona Daily Star in the USA
Haute magazine in Korea
The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong
The Dallas Morning News in the USA
The New Zealand Herald in Auckland, NZ
The West Australian in Perth, Australia
The Ottawa Citizen in Canada
The Edmonton Journal in Canada
The Club & Cargo Clan
(two of the Cathay Pacific magazines)
Pacific Wave (former Air NZ in-flight magazine)
The Illawarra Mercury in Wollongong, Australia
The Vancouver Sun in Canada
The Scotsman in Edinburgh
The Press in Christchurch, NZ
The Calgary Herald in Canada
The Montreal Gazette in Canada
The Toronto Sun in Canada
The Newcastle Herald in Australia
The Advertiser in Adelaide, Australia

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