Airport Parking – How to Save Money when you Travel

In today’s challenging economy, many travellers are on a budget and trying to save money on not only their flight and hotel packages, but also on their airport parking.

When we learned of a company in the U.K. named BCP Airport Parking offering prebooking of airport parking, we were a bit skeptical. Would it really be that much cheaper? Would it be difficult to prebook? How convenient would the locations be?

We wondered if it would be a hassle booking airport parking in advance, but when we investigated we found that not only were the prebooked airport parking prices much cheaper than just turning up at the airport but they came with a best price guarantee for parking – plus a guaranteed parking space which is a de-stresser as airports are busy and how often have you driven around and around looking for a parking space as your flight departure time grew closer and closer.

We found out you can book at short notice – even on the same day and get a booking confirmation by email in minutes for you to print off and hand in on arrival. Or instead of email, you can print off the confirmation page at the BCP website and hand that in as your airport parking booking voucher when you arrive at the airport. And if you don’t have a printer, you just need to give your booking reference on your arrival.

The savings of prebooking your airport parking? By pre-booking airport parking with BCP, you can save up to 60% on the gate rate at the airport. With the high price of regular airport parking rates, especially if you are away for a week or two, the savings of prebooking are substantial.

We also wondered about who BCP were: apparently they’ve been around since 1978 and the airport car parks are fully secured with high fencing, flood lights and 24-hour surveillance. Each of the prebooked car parks provides quick transfer to/from the airport and a variety of parking options including long/mid/short-term parking, on/off-airport parking and a meet and greet service.

This prebooked airport parking is offered at 26 UK airports including: London City, Liverpool, Heathrow Airport parking and Manchester Airport parking.

Our conclusion: prebooking is convenient, guarantees your parking space and is a substantial saving.

Gatwick Airport Parking

Two of the busiest international terminals in the world are at London Gatwick. And most travellers flying from Gatwick Airport don’t realize they are paying top rates for their airport parking when they leave their parking decision to the last moment when they arrive at Gatwick rushing to make their flight on time.
A bonus of arranging your Gatwick airport parking in advance is a free car wash. You can check out the Gatwick airport parking rates by entering your dates in the online form calculator.

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