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 First person reports from the world's travel destinationsCathar Castles in Languedoc

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LAS VEGAS - Walk from Paris to Venice

Las Vegas travel article
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Can you really experience the "romance of Paris" in the Nevada desert? How well does a 50-storey replica of the Eiffel Tower and its top floor restaurant, a gondola canal ride with serenading, or the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas substitute for the authentic travel experience? Edoardo Bellando investigates.

FRANCE - Cathar Castles in Languedoc France

Cathar Castle in Southern France
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Come along on a tour of Cathar castles in southwest France's Languedoc region. Travel south up the Aude River Valley through the low, vine-carpeted hills around Limoux, climbing into the forests of the Pyrenees foothills, past the turn-off for Rennes-le-Châteaux, the tiny village made famous by The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

ROME - Sightseeing Ancient Rome

Sightseeing Ancient Rome Italy
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Author Wade Rowland spent several weeks in Rome Italy researching his most recent book, Galileo's Mistake, on the seventeenth-century confrontation between Galileo and the Church,. In this excerpt, he offers some reflections in the magnificence of Rome and on the virtues of travel.
Niagara Ontario Wines
The Niagara Ontario wine region in Canada produces award-winning wines including its famous Icewine. Read travel article.

Waupoos Winery in Prince Edward County - Ontario Wine Region
World Travel Guide went to Prince Edward County to meet its vintners and to report back on Canada's newest upstart wine region and its wineries. Read.

Carcassonne in Southern France
One of France's most romantic medieval destinations - Carcassonne appears magically in the distance as a mirage transported from an era of knights and chivralry. Read.   
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