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Budget Disneyworld Packages - Disneyworld's World Showcase, Orlando

Replica Destinations - Better than the Original?

By Edoardo Bellando - Part 3

France by Disney
Disneyworld's Epcot Center World Showcase
Orlando, Florida

In Disneyworld's Japan, "the torii gate welcomes you to a beautiful land of finely manicured landscapes and ancient pagodas". In Mexico, "lush vegetation grows all about an imposing pyramid that houses a charming village inside". In China, "the Disney version of Beijing's Temple of Heaven welcomes you to a land of exotic mysteries". In Morocco, "magnificent mosaic art and stonework are the hallmarks of this winding world of courtyards, shops and street markets".

In Norway, the stand-out is a replica of the monumental Stave Church, built entirely of wood. "This curiously intimate structure," says the Internet ad, "is styled after the Gol Church of Hallingdal, which was built around 1250 AD". Not even the sacred escapes Replica-mania.

Paris and Venice seem to be the world's most duplicated cities. In Disney's Italy, "the Doge's Palace in Venice is the centerpiece of this incredible reproduction of the sights and sounds of Italy" (mercifully, not the smells).

Next door, "the charming streets of France are recreated right down to the sidewalk cafes, quaint boutiques and the Eiffel Tower off in the distance". This makes for three Doge's Palaces and three Eiffel Towers in the world - two of each replicas.

Each Disney country features a specific tour. One leads to the discovery of "Mexico's architecture and art as you take a guided walking tour of the Mexican showcase". Another offers "the inspirational music and stunning panoramic views of France, in relaxing comfort" (the theme of painlessness is reiterated).

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