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Replica Travel Destinations - Better than the Original?

By Edoardo Bellando - Part 1
"Stroll through Central Park. Ride the kind of rollercoaster that made Coney Island famous. Shop along Park Avenue. And visit the Statue of Liberty. All without leaving Las Vegas."

This announcement exemplifies a fast-growing trend -- the Great Places Replica. This recent contribution to a hassle-free life - a basic human need the business world, luckily, is meeting - cancels at one stroke vacation annoyances such as long airplane trips, jet lag, passport and customs headaches, unfamiliar languages and currencies. Now you can travel without traveling thanks to the two world Replica capitals, Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Venetian Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas Hotels In Las Vegas, New York is ready for you at its namesake - a recently inaugurated hotel-cum-city featuring, says its Internet ad, "twelve New York-style hotel towers extending 48 stories and 525 feet, featuring replicas of the Empire State, Chrysler, ATT and Century Buildings". The copies - a common characteristic of the Great Places Replicas - look much better than the original.

Once you have done New York, you can hail a cab to Venice without leaving downtown Las Vegas. At the Venetian Hotel, (Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas) "the world's most romantic city is now at the heart of the world's best destination location".

The hotel is a faithful replica of the Doge's Palace, featuring imposing halls, grand corridors, mosaics and decorations, majestic furniture and thick carpets. Again, it is an improvement on the original, since its builders could take advantage of construction techniques unknown in 1309.

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