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Lonely Planet Travel Guides - Best Travel Guides for Australia, New Zealand, Fifi and Tahiti

Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide

From: $16.99

For the ultimate in lazy-day getaways, head to the islands of Fiji, where your most strenuous decision is which palm tree to sleep under. You can amp it up with a dive through the incredible reefs or a nature walk - but really, who are we kidding? That palm tree is calling.

Maximize your trip with this Lonely Planet Fiji Travel Guide:
Bula, and welcome to the diverse islands of Fiji. There are white-sand islands here perfect for a relaxing beachside holiday, or little-visited islets and rugged hinterlands for the more adventurous. Wherever you're based, coral gardens teeming with life are only a short paddle away. Let us help you choose a trip that can be as relaxing, or as challenging, as you choose. CHOOSE YOUR ISLAND - large or tiny, party or romantic, exclusive or family-friendly...there's an island in Fiji for you GO NATIVE OR DO IT IN STYLE - our authors tell it like it is with frank, opinionated reviews of backpacker digs, homestays, luxury resorts and everything in between.


Lonely Planet Australia Travel Guide

From: $28.99

How the hell do you get around this magnificent, monster country? Do you saddle up the caravan and take to the highways? Do you work your way around every town and city, picking fruit and pulling beers? Or do you slow it right down and simply languish in a rainforest or amble through the wine regions? This guide will show you how to do all of the above and love every minute of it.

Maximize your trip with this Lonely Planet Australia Travel Guide:
Golden beaches, baked red deserts and glamorous cities. An ancient indigenous history and a young, vibrant culture: welcome to Australia! Stick around, hang out with us a while. With this bestselling guide to the Land Down Under tucked under one arm, let us show you why Lonely Planet calls Australia home. Planning your holiday Down Under has never been so easy. GET AROUND with the help of 193 maps to town and country, beach and mountain - and everywhere in between. TREAT YOURSELF to the best wining and dining that Australia has to offer, served on a platter by our expert food and drink author.


Lonely Planet New Zealand Travel Guide

From: $24.99

The freshness and majesty of New Zealand will give you an electric charge like no other. These outdoors are truly great, showcased by misty Milford Sound and Rotorua's thermal pools, and the indoors ain't so bad either - dip into Wellington's art scene or the latest restaurants in Auckland.

Maximize your trip with this Lonely Planet New Zealand Travel Guide:
The sun shows up here first for a reason. Come for bracing light or caverns underground, glacial valleys or black volcanic sand. Tour every landscape on earth, all rolled into one country. Dig for pipis on the beach, or sample oysters on a platter. Savour solitude with a view, or city culture. Things are never just black and white in New Zealand. Taste the freshest seafood, world-class wines, or the best lamb roast. there is yet another magnificent view of mystical mountains, braided river plains or calming coastlines.


Lonely Planet Tahiti and French Polynesia Guide

From: $21.99

Think Tahiti and French Polynesia and immediately your imagination is seduced by images of lapping lagoons, Gauguin paintings and Marlon Brando in his heyday. This guide will show you where that the essence can still be felt amid the newer resorts of these delicious islands.

Maximize your trip with this Lonely Planet Tahiti and French Polynesia Travel Guide:
Bonjour and welcome to Tahiti! On your left you'll find great French cooking and fresh seafood; on your right there are ancient Polynesian ruins and brilliant Tahitian dancing. Just offshore there are islands with golden beaches, world-class diving plus endless opportunities to just kick back and relax. We love Tahiti, and know these islands like our own backyard, so let us show you around. BEFORE YOU BOOK, read what our authors thought about your resort - get the honest scoop. RELAX beachside with us and read up on Tahitian history, culture and mythology. From planning your trip, to booking accommodation, we'll show you how to make sure your trip costs don't blow out of control.


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