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World Travel Book Store - travel guide books travel maps and destination travel guides
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World Travel Guide Bookstore - Best Travel Guides for Europe - Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Italy

From: $25.99

'Tutti a tavola!' In Italy, this is how guests are summoned to the table. Accept...

Lonely Planet Bulgaria

From: $23.99

Bulgaria won't remain off the beaten track for long. Black Sea beaches, forests...

Lonely Planet Croatia

From: $21.99

Croatia offers the best of the Med for a fraction of the price. Our guide takes you...

Lonely Planet Germany

From: $26.99

Fairy-tale castles, medieval towns, boisterous beer halls, breathtaking landscapes...

Lonely Planet Poland

From: $24.99

Get a thirst for bison-grass vodka as you dive into the cellar bars and thriving...

Lonely Planet Spain

From: $24.99

Got an appetite for art and architecture, food and festivities? Spain's a taste...

Lonely Planet England

From: $24.99

It doesn't take long on English soil to realise England is a breeze to get around...

Lonely Planet Greece

From: $23.99

It's the gifts from strangers, the clank of the ferries, the rich tastes of honey...

Lonely Planet Europe

From: $26.99

Multi-Country Guide. Limited euros and a whole continent to devour? This detailed...

Lonely Planet Portugal

From: $21.99

Once a nation of seafarers and explorers, Portugal can still take you on quite a...

Lonely Planet France

From: $24.99

Once you've ooh-la-la'd your way around every charming Parisian boutique, garden...

Lonely Planet Scotland

From: $21.99

Scotland is deliciously wild and woolly, full of raucous festivals, remote islands,...

Lonely Planet Great Britain

From: $29.99

Surf-pounded cliffs and mirror-clear lochs, humming cities and ancient towns,...

Lonely Planet Ireland

From: $0.00

The Celtic Tiger's had cubs and Ireland is going gangbusters. While the delicious...

Lonely Planet Netherlands

From: $19.99

The Netherlands are laidback, picturesque and the ultimate in user-friendly. Sure,...

Lonely Planet Switzerland

From: $19.99

There's more to Switzerland than Toblerone and Ursula Andress. Whether it's hiking...

Lonely Planet Belgium and Luxembourg

From: $18.99

This has got to be one of Europe's most underrated regions. Once you've sated...

Lonely Planet Austria

From: $21.99

Whatever you hunger for - art, architecture, cuisine, snow - you better pack a big...   

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