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A Search for Wonder In An Age of Doubt

by Wade Rowland

Trade Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Key Porter Books - Patrick Crean Editions
ISBN: 1552630315

Ockham's Razor

"A Canadian family piles into a rental car in France and goes off in search of great cuisine, inspiring architecture and the meaning of life. Amazingly, they find all three in this delightful travel book-cum-philosophical exploration that will remind the reader of Robert Pirsig's eccentric 1970s classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."
Indigo Review

A search for human values and meaning at the millennium, Ockham's Razor is a brilliant travel narrative that mixes philosophical speculation with commentary about the food, architecture and art of France.

From Plato, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas to Descartes, Magritte and the Internet, Wade Rowland examines some of our deepest assumptions about the nature of reality and our relationship to the world.

In the summer of 1997, Rowland, an expert on technology and the new media, and in many respects disillusioned with the hyper-reality of North American culture, took his family to visit medieval historical sites throughout Southern France as a way of searching for authenticity.

In Ockham's Razor, Rowland speculates on the world view of the middle ages, a highly evolved system of thought and perception radically different from our own, and argues that efficiency is an engineering goal that reduces human beings to material objects. Such debasement causes human alienation, which is the defining condition of our age. This is very much a book for our age.

"Part travelogue, part philosophical treatise, part random musing -- perhaps it's more helpful to call it equal parts Plato, Robert Pirsig and Peter Mayle -- it is a book of metaphysical rummaging, of thoughtful meandering.

The real guiding strength of the book is the desire to bring together, or to distinguish between, the world of science or fact and the world of spirituality or wonder. Few writers are so rooted in the past, or perhaps so forward-looking, as to be able to dissect these two world-views. Rowland does so with a light touch and an eclectic intelligence, and with a deep appreciation of the marvels that are everywhere around us."

Peter O'Brien, The Globe and Mail newspaper

"Wade Rowland is in love with Provencal history and cooking, and what they may have to teach us about the nature of belief. The path he traces from medieval heresy to modern materialism is interesting and provocative."
Ronald Wright, author of A Scientific Romance

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