What to see in Brooklyn NY - Day Trips from Manhattan, New York

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Brooklyn New York, NY
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New York Travel Tips - Where to Stay and Visit in Brooklyn New York NY

Explore Brooklyn New York - Brighton Beach, Coney Island

The View from Brooklyn
by Christopher Goodfellow

Photo by Sarah Ziegler

The tendrils of a mid-morning Manhattan mist gripped the edges of the New York's sky scrapers as the B-line metro rattled south across the river. With the distant silhouette of Liberty herself framing the Hudson, the carriage dived beneath the South bank of the river into the heart of New York's most populated borough, Brooklyn.

If you're on a forty-eight-hour city break to NYC the highlights are normally Manhattan-centric - Lower East Side art, Ground Zero, the Empire State Building - but it's here that the city's heart beats away from the steely towers of commerce and downtown chic; where you can approach residents on any street stoop, explore the sprawling ethnic neighbourhoods and the rundown attractions of yesteryear at Coney Island.


Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn NY
Photo by Sarah Ziegler

A full forty-five-minute metro ride from midtown Manhattan, our first day was spent exploring Brighton Beach. Framed by a wide, rickety promenade and bordering a neighbourhood where Russian is often the first language, the sidewalks don't look much different to when The Warriors made their way home in Walter Hill's forty-year-old urban fable about the city's gangs. The early autumn clouds had kept the crowds away and the eight lifeguards perched on towers staggered every 100 meters or so were guarding just two very brave swimmers.

Ms Pat Singer, founder of the Brighton Neighbourhood Association, who grew up in the area, told me: "My Dad would bring us kids to the amusement park by the beach and then tell us to look him up when we are sick enough and ready to go home. It was our 'Disneyland'. I still believe in the future of Coney Island."

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