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Cruise Ship Travel - Health Tips for Cruise Travel Vacations

World Travel agent - discount cruise travel and cruise travel dealsYou're excited about going on a cruise vacation, stopping at exotic ports of call and enjoying the luxurious cruise ship facilities - and if you take some simple health precautions it's much more likely your dream cruise will be a perfect memory.

Travel by cruise ship often congregates large groups of people from different parts of the U.S. and the world. In such settings, diseases can spread from person-to-person contact (e.g. measles, rubella, certain respiratory illnesses such as influenza, and certain gastrointestinal illnesses such as Norwalk-like virus). Additionally, if a ship stops and passengers disembark to sightsee, they may be at risk for diseases in the geographic areas they visit, although such risk is difficult to quantify. It is also important to note, certain diseases can be transmitted before symptoms are apparent and that some people who become ill while on a cruise ship may have been infected prior to travel. Anchor: cruise deals Destination: Anyone who becomes ill while on a cruise ship should seek medical attention on board and see a health care provider upon returning home. Ill persons should limit contact with the general population on board as much as possible to reduce further spread of disease. Ship authorities report infectious diseases of public health significance to state or federal health officials.

People planning cruise ship travel should make sure they have adequate travel health insurance. Anyone older than 65 years of age, anyone with acute or chronic illnesses or pregnant women should consult with a health care provider prior to travel for advice and possible preventive medication. Other measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases on cruise ships include frequent hand washing and obtaining appropriate immunizations prior to travel.

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