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Pet Travel Tips - Veterinary Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats - Pet Health Insurance
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Pet Travel Essentials - Traveling with Pets - Veterinary Pet Insurance

Tips For Choosing Pet Health Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats - Pet Health Insurance Health care benefits aren't just for humans anymore. Many people are taking out veterinary pet insurance to ensure that their companion animals will be able to receive expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries if needed.

Annual fees for pet insurance range from $50-300. depending on the insurance package and coverage. Most pet health insurance plans have deductibles which range from a fixed amount ($40.) per vet visit to a $100-200 annual deductible. Some offer multi-pet discounts of 5-10%

Before deciding on a pet insurer, discuss the plan with your veterinary to find out if your vet participates in the plan, and if any issues regarding applicable conditions apply. Some insurance companies charge additional fees, or exclude certain treatments, and some may include higher fees for geriatric patients or pre-existing conditions.

Find out if the pet insurance is a national - or international - plan that is valid for coverage in other states and provinces when you travel with your pet.

Some insurance companies offer different coverage packages, for example: Standard, Better, or Premium plans. Make sure you understand the differences so you get the coverage best suited for your pet.

Find out whether or not the insurance company requires only their "network" of approved veterinarians to be used or if you can use any licensed veterinarian or specialist.

Make sure you understand conditions that require health certificates, and policy conditions regarding any pre-existing health conditions your pet might have. Don't sign up for any insurance plan until you are completely comfortable that it suits your needs - and is the best insurance for your pet's health.

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