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Planning a family vacation or a holiday with a group of friends? Maybe taking the family to Orlando to see Disney World? Or planning on a luxury Caribbean vacation with some of your best friends? If so, staying at a standard hotel or resort may not be the best choice. Renting multiple hotel rooms can get expensive and doesn't work well for families with younger children. A surprisingly affordable option is vacation home rental. You get a lot more space and amenities, full kitchen, and multiple bedrooms. Renting a vacation villa rental can transform a vacation into one that is extraordinary.

There are a number of online vacation rental sites but the one we like, a few with a unique twist - instead of just accepting the published rental rates of a vacation villa rental, you put in a bid offer of the price you'd like to pay. And the price is all inclusive of your taxes, cleaning fees, linen fees, etc.

You put in an offer stating a dollar amount you're willing to pay for a particular vacation rental property during a specific time period. The the vacation villa owner receives the offer and typically responds within one to two days to accept your offer or make a counter-offer.

An offer is a non-obligatory price that you can suggest to an owner of a property. The owner then has the option to accept the offer, counter the offer with another price, or suggest other properties to you because the property is already booked. You can make as many offers as you like.

If your offer is accepted you will receive a notification email, from which you can reserve the vacation property directly from your email. If you had put bids in on more than one vacation rental property, then you'll need to decide which one to confirm - or you may decide to stay at multiple properties instead of just one vacation rental during your holiday. But you'll have to make your decision or counter offer within 72 hours or the offer expires.

Tips on making vacation rental offers

Travel Tip #1: Before bidding on a villa, look at the seasonal rate for the days you plan on traveling and make an offer based on that information. And remember that all offers include all applicable taxes accept for the bidavilla user fee.

Travel Tip #2: Booking a vacation rental property early will save you money. Vacation villa owners prefer bookings that are planned ahead.

Travel Tip #3: A flexible flight schedule can also save you money. If planning to fly to your destination, note that air tickets are cheaper when you depart and arrive on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's easy to save money with a vacation rental - just input your travel dates and destination and Save 30-50% on Vacation Rentals Worldwide.

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