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Featured Travel Gear and Travel Accessories

Ten-Language Talking electronic Translator
The Best Electronic Translators
Traveling to one or more foreign countries and don't know the language - and no time to take a language course or speed-read a translation book, then bring along one of these new generation of electronic "talking" translators and don't find yourself at a loss of words.
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Grundig Shortwave Travel Radios
The Best Travel Shortwave Radios
Our editors pick the to pack, including a compact emergency AM/FM Weather radio that needs no electricity to bring in local AM/FM radio and weather broadcasts. If your batteries fade, its large solar cell or a few minutes of hand cranking gives you up to an hour of air time.
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Best Travel Clock Alarms The Best Travel Clock Alarms
No need to be late and miss that travel connection, pack one of these compact travel alarm clocks. Here's our favorites, including the Global Atomic Travel Alarm for amazingly accurate time.
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Dual-Voltage 1200 Watt Ionic Hair Dryers
The Best Travel Hair Dryers
These dual-voltage ionic hair dryers are compact and perfect for travel - plus they emit negatively charged ions, which counteract hair-damaging positive ions, to lock in moisture for increased volume and shine, less static and frizz - so believe it or not, your hair actually looks better.
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Backpack Luggage Designed for Women
Backpack Luggage Designed for Women
If you're a woman that wants to embark on some serious adventure travel or just independent travel around Europe, then a well-designed travel backpack is the way to go for hands-free ready-to-go travel. These backpacks are designed and sized especially for women.
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Portable Ionic Air Purifiers from Air Supply
If you're a frequent flyer or suffer from allergies or asthma, then a miniature-size wearable air purifier that can go with you anywhere - airplanes, restaurants, movie theaters, offices, etc. - can have a significant difference in your health and lifestyle. More on Portable Ionic Air Purifiers.

Marsona Sound Machine - Natural Sleep Aid
Have trouble sleeping while traveling? Natural sleep aids like the compact portable White Noise Sound Machine and clock combo can consistently deliver a good night's sleep by creating "white noise" or 17 different soothing nature sounds to mask unwanted sounds and noise.
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Tilley Hats by Tilley Endurables
Okay so maybe the famous Tilley hats aren't exactly high style but Tilley hat owners are a loyal, even fanatical lot when it comes to Tilley hats; the editors at World Travel Guide .com decided to find out why.
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Best Travel Packing - Travel Packing Bags
The secret to arriving at your destination with wrinkle-free clothing is Travel Packing Cube Bags. These mesh-top packing organizers fit inside your suitcase and keep your clothing neat and orderly - and wrinkle-free. More on the best way to pack.

Best backpacks for trekking and adventure travel
Getting ready to embark on embark on some serious adventure travel? The editors at World Travel Guide selected the best backpacks for trekking and adventure travel - find out what makes these backpacks come out at the top of the competition.
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Dual-Voltage Fabric Steamers
This dual-voltage fabric steamer quickly and easily removes stubborn wrinkles from ALL fabrics (even silk). Uses regular tap water. Handles fold flat for travel packing.
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