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World Travel Gear and Travel Accessories - Best Travel Voltage Converters - 110/220V Power Converters Reviews
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World Travel Guide reviews the best travel voltage converters, convertingbox automatic voltage converters

Best Travel Voltage Converters - LiteFuze 110/220V Power Converters

If you are traveling abroad you can still bring along and use your North American applicances such as irons, electric shavers, hair dryers, etc. which aren't dual-voltage appliances, as long as you have a voltage converter. There's a whole range of affordable voltage converters, power transformers, AC adapters and foreign plug adapters, regulators and plug adapters available for 110/220V power conversion.

We've selected some of the best 110/220V power converters below. The LiteFuze 50-1600 Watt Travel Voltage Converter Transformer Kit with worldwide socket plug adapters (shown below) allows you to convert 220/240V to 110V/120V. And the LiteFuze VT-2000 Voltage Converter / Transformer allows you to use 110/120 Volts North American (USA) products amywhere in the world. But if you're not sure what type of voltage converter or adapter you need - this handy Voltage Transformer/Converter & Adapter Guide explains all about international plug adapters, travel voltage converters and and voltage transformers.

LiteFuze Voltage Converter

LiteFuze Voltage Converter
LiteFuze Voltage Converter
When traveling in Europe or in other countries with 220/240 voltage power this voltage converter makes using your favorite electronics and personal appliances easy. You won't have to leave your favorite gadget, electronics or appliance at home if you pack this handy voltage converter.

The LiteFuze Voltage Converter works for heating and non-heating appliances. North American electrical appliances are designed to operate on 110/120 volts, yet most of the world operates on 220/240 volts. BONUS FEATURE: this highly-rated voltage converter comes with adapter plugs that provide worldwide compatibility for U.S. electronics in over 150 countries.

This Voltage Converter is perfect for use with electronic appliances up to 50 Watts for small electronics such as battery charger, phone charger, shavers, mp3 players. This voltage converter also works for heating appliances up to 1600 Watts that are built for North America use and require high-quality electricity for heat-related (resistive) appliances like hair dryers, irons, heating pads, etc

Voltage Converter Product Details:
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Type: Step-down (220/250V > 120V)
  • Rating: Electronic 50W / Heating 1600W
  • Size: 2.25"W x 3.75"H x 3.5"D
  • Carrying case included
  • Comes with one converter and four adapter plugs
  • Hard sided plastic
  • Ideal for travel irons, hair dryers, and small class II electronic devices

Regular Price: $39.99 USD
On SALE NOW for: $9.99


LiteFuze Convertingbox Automatic Voltage Converter / Transformer

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LiteFuze Convertingbox Automatic Voltage Converter / Transformer
The LiteFuze convertingbox Automatic Voltage Converter / Transformer automatically detects input voltage and indicates the output voltage through LED light in the front of convertingbox. So there is no need to switch the input voltage. Available in new models only.

This automatic voltage converter is designed to work as a step down transformer in 220-240v countries to output 110-120v and as a step up transformer in 110-120v countries to output 220-240v. *Note that convertingbox 3000 is only available as single way transformer.

The smart output sockets offer a cleaner look and make the convertingbox even more user-friendly. The same sockets in the front will provide Step Down or Step Up conversion depending on the input voltage.

The convertingbox technology reduces the noise level and vibrations in the voltage transformer to close to none. Enjoy the noise free voltage conversion with the convertingbox.

Automatic Input Voltage Selection feature eliminates errors from manually selecting the input voltage. Plus the advanced convertingbox technology effectively reduces the transformer weight by half.

The convertingbox 100 - 750 feature a dual precision fuses for each voltage and convertingbox 1000 and up are equipped with built-in circuit breaker.

The convertingbox voltage transformer is more efficient than any transformer in the market with a low efficiency factor of 1.25. Comparable models have high efficiency factor as 3.0

Equipped with the patented Universal sockets, the convertingbox will accept almost any type of plug from around the globe. The big South Africa Type M plug is not accepted by the Universal socket.

The convertingbox is completly grounded from input to the output connection for safe operation.



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