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Best Travel Power Adaptor Plugs - AC Grounding Adaptor Plug Sets

If you are bringing any dual-voltage 110/220V devices such as electric shavers, hair dryers, cell phone chargers, etc. with you on your trip, you'll also need to consider packing adapter plugs so that your personal appliances will be able to plug into the electrical outlet at your destination.

Note: If you travel with a laptop and worry about the quality of the electricity (power surges, spikes, etc.), plug your laptop into the wall socket only for charging, and operate it on battery power. If you want to safely use your laptop on AC power when traveling, you should use a surge protector in addition to the necessary adapter plug. See review of surge protectors.

World Grounding Adaptor Plug Set with 10 Adaptor Plugs

World Grounding Adaptor Plug Set
World Adaptor Plug Set
The World Grounding Adaptor Plug Set comes with ten grounding adaptor plugs, plus a handy travel pouch. This set has the 10 most common electrical adapter plugs. A great value over buying the individual components.

Each of the ten plugs accept both parallel-blade plugs polarized plugs (where one blade is wider than the other).

Adaptor Plug Set kit details:

Ten grounded Power Adaptor Plugs include:
  • EA23MAG - Grounding Adaptor Plug A: For use in Western Hemisphere, North & Central Pacific
  • EA23MHG - Grounding Adaptor Plug H: For use exclusively in South Africa
  • EA23MCG - Grounding Adaptor Plug C: Generally for use in Great Britain and in her present and former colonies
  • EA23MIG - Grounding Adaptor Plug I: All of Italy uses this pattern (some sockets are recessed, which this plug fits), as does Ethiopia, and much of Chile
  • EA23MDG - Grounding Adaptor Plug D: Most common plug pattern in the world, including Continental Europe
  • EA23MJG - Grounding Adaptor Plug J: Design is unique to Israel, primarily in modern cities
  • EA23MEG - Grounding Adaptor Plug E: Encountered throughout the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina
  • EA23MKG - Grounding Adaptor Plug K: The plug pattern found throughout Denmark
  • EA23MFG - Grounding Adaptor Plug F: This plug is found in countries of the Indian subcontinent, Hong Kong, former British colonies, and Africa.
  • EA23MSG - Grounding Adaptor Plug S: Used throughout Switzerland in sockets that are tightly recessed.
Price: $39.85

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Globetrotter-II with 38 Adaptor Plugs Kit - The ULTIMATE travel adapter plugs set

Globetrotter-II Adaptor Plugs Kit
Globetrotter-II Adaptor Kit
Without question, this updated Globetrotter II adapter plugs kit is the most complete adapter plug set on the market. It includes 38 of the world's most popular phone and electrical adaptors all in a convenient carrying pouch. Includes Extension Phone Line w/Connector, and Two-Into-One Y Phone Adaptor. You'll be prepared for nearly anything with this kit.

The electrical adaptors included are for Continental Europe, United Kingdom, South Pacific, Old British (Africa, India) and South Africa. Includes plugs for socket shapes: A (non-grounding), C (grounding), D (both grounding and non-grounding), E (grounding), F (grounding), H (grounding).

The phone adaptors included are for Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech & Slovak Republics, Denmark/Portugal, Finland/Norway, France, Germany (New) Germany (Former East), Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland/Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Yugoslavia.

Price: $185.00

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   
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