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Best Shortwave Travel Radios - Grundig Shortwave Radio Review
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World Travel Guide reviews the Best Emergency Radios & NOAA Weather Emergency Radios

Best Emergency Portable Radios - The Best Solar and Hand Crank Wind Up Radios

Whenever any of the editors travel, you can bet they're packed a AM/FM shortwave radio for the trip. It's an essential item to bring along when traveling. We prefer ones that charge cell phones, blackberry, MP3, etc. We've included a selection of our favorite shortwave radios below; we partial to the reliability of the Eton emergency radios and Grundig shortwave radios. And if you're traveling anywhere remote, a self-powered hand-crank or solar radio can be a life-saver.

Solar and Hand Crank Emergency Radio and Mobile Phone Charger

Self-powered AM/FM Shortwave Radio Self-powered AM/FM Weather Radio with Mobile Phone Charger
Price: $49.85 USD

The Scorpion Emergency Radio is the best and most versatile radio on the market for its affordable price. This compact emergency radio can operate via its solar panel, hand crank, DC adaptor, and it even has a USB outlet for charging your cell phone.

You can stay tuned to emergency broadcasts with this power-packed radio/flashlight. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes - even a simple lightning storm can knock out power, leaving you in the dark in more ways than one. So carry the Scorpion Emergency Radio with built-in LED flashlight, and stay informed on the latest conditions with the NOAA weather band, or tune in to local AM/FM radio stations.

The Scorpion is a rugged solar powered digital AM/FM Weather Radio. It provides the user with up-to-date and detailed weather conditions through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather bands.

There are no batteries needed with this emergency radio. The Scorpion can be powered by 3 sources: solar panel, dynamo hand-crank, and DC adapter, which means you never have to be without radio or weather reports even during power outages or in remote areas.

You can use this hi-tech emergency radio to charge your cell phone using the USB connection. Additional features include a super-bright 5-LED reading lamp, flashlight, solar panel, rubberized water resistant housing, pre-set NOAA weather channels

Emergency Portable Radio Features:
  • The Scorpion Radio is the next generation emergency radio
  • Has a multi-band AM/FM radio and weather radio
  • NOAA weather channels
  • LED emergency flashlight
  • Three ways to power radio:
    • Can be operated indefinitely without external power thanks to the hand crank AC brushless generator
    • The large solar panel powers the radio by itself
    • Can be plugged into a wall outlet with the optional power adaptor
  • Built-in USB port lets you charge cell phones, blackberry, MP3 and more
  • PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception
  • Built-in rubberized carry strap
  • Easy to use digital tuning and channel scan
  • Water resistant rubberized body
  • Headphone jack for private listening (headphones included)
  • Includes power tips to charge most popular cell phone models
  • To maximize sunlight exposure, the solar panel can be tilted to receive sunlight at any angle
If you are considering buying an emergency radio, you really should watch this video demonstration to see all the features of this solar and hand-powered radio.

Colors: Available in Black/Green or Black/Orange
Size: 5.25 x 2.5 x 1.75"
Weight: 8.5 oz

Price: $49.85 USD

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   
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