Best Travel Dual-Voltage Curling Irons, Hair Steam Straighteners and Ionic Hot Rollers

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World Travel Gear and Travel Accessories - Dual-Voltage Curling Irons -  Hair Steam Straighteners and Hot Rollers
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World Travel Guide reviews the best travel dual-voltage and ionic hair dryers

Best Travel Curling Irons, Hair Straighteners and Hot Roller Sets

No need to cover up with a scarf on your travels - with these dual-voltage curling irons, steam hair straighteners, and hot roller sets, you can always be looking your best...that is if you don't want to just sit on a beach and go casual.

And there's no need to bring along a voltage converter with these hair styling products because they're dual-voltage equipped to work with both 110/220V power.

Dual-Voltage Ionic 12-Roller Hairsetter Set

dual-voltage hot rollers
Hair Roller Ionic Hairsetter Set

dual-voltage hot rollers
Hair Roller Ionic Hairsetter Set with Adapter Plugs
These dual-voltage hot rollers are the next best thing to traveling with your own private hair salon. This dual-voltage compact hairsetter was designed for travel. Its ceramic rollers heat quickly and evenly, locking in moisture and shine. The zippered pouch holds eight large and four small rollers.

Compact and lightweight, the Travel Hairsetter can go with you anywhere for a quick set or touchup. It tucks into the corner of your suitcase, into a desk drawer at work, or into your locker at the gym.

The ceramic rollers heat in 90 seconds to just the correct temperature, right in their soft, lightweight case. Clips have cool touch ends, and the cord secures neatly to the back of the unit with Velcro.

This compact, dual-voltage ionic hair setter protects against hair-damaging hot spots, using high yet even heat that locks in moisture.

Dual-Voltage Ionic Hair Rollers Set Features:
  • Ceramic technology promotes fast heat transfer for a quick set
  • Rollers heat up in 90 seconds
  • Starter strip grips hair for a fast and secure set
  • Twelve multi-sized rollers for the perfect curls eight large rollers, four medium rollers
  • Dual voltage
  • ION shine promotes healthy conditioned hair
  • Soft zipper pouch holds rollers while heating and setting
  • Handy pouch makes it easy to carry rollers in your gym bag, knapsack or suitcase
Size: 5-3/4 x 4 x 4-1/2"
Weight: 1 lb, 11 oz

Price: $34.85 USD


Travel Hair Setter - same as above BUT with Adaptor Plugs. Includes the four most commonly needed adaptor plugs.
$43.85 USD

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dual-Voltage Hair Straightener & Curling Iron

Dual-Voltage Hair Straightener
Dual Voltage Hair Straightener & Curling Iron
This dual-voltage hair straightener and curling iron is lightweight, compact, easy to use and it quickly creates a shiny, silky and smooth finish and helps revitalize hair - perfect for travel. On the road, you never know what local weather will do to your hair. Not to worry - the patented, dual-voltage Miniglide Hair Straightener heats up in just 10 seconds, and its unique ceramic detangling pins work like a fine detangling brush to take hair from frizzy and out-of-control to smooth and sleek in one easy step. It can also add curl or volume to limp hair. Compact size makes for easy packing.

The ergonomic, streamlined handle fits perfectly in your hand and makes styling easy, not tiring. This compact dual-voltage hair straightener is easy to take with you for quick touch-ups, curls and spikes.

It has Teflon-coated ceramic plates measure 1/2"x3 1/4" and give safe, constant, and evenly distributed heat, and includes removable detangling combs. (9 x 3 x 2"; 21 oz)

Price: $29.85 USD

Miniglide™ On-the-Go Hair Straightener - the same as above BUT with Adaptor Plugs
Price: $38.85 USD

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   

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