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Best Shortwave Travel Radios - Grundig Shortwave Radio Review
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World Travel Guide reviews the Best Shortwave Travel Radios

Best Emergency Portable Radios - The Best Shortwave Travel Radios

Whenever any of the editors travel, you can bet they're packed a AM/FM shortwave radio for the trip. It's an essential item to bring along when traveling. We prefer ones that charge cell phones, blackberry, MP3, etc. We've included a selection of best shortwave radios below; we partial to the reliability of the Grundig radios. And if you're traveling anywhere remote, a self-powered hand-crank emergency radio can be a life-saver.

Grundig Shortwave Radio

Self-powered AM/FM Shortwave Radio Grundig M400 AM/FM Shortwave Radio
Price: $29.85 USD

The Grundig M400 Shortwave Radio is the best compact shortwave radio on the market for its affordable price.

Wherever you travel, you can tune into local news and music or world broadcasts with this high quality short wave/AM/FM radio from Grundig. Sized especially for travel, it packs a lot of power into its ultra-thin (under 1/2"), palm-sized design, and even has a built-in alarm clock.

Fully digital for perfect accuracy, it takes two AAA batteries (not included), and comes with ear-buds and a protective neoprene case. This Grundig shortwave radio also makes a smart addition to your home emergency kit for use during a power outage.

The Grundig M400 is an ultra compact portable short wave radio that covers AM (520 - 1710 kHz), FM (87-108 MHz) and shortwave in two bands: 5.9-10 and 11.65-18 MHz. The Gundig M400 features an analog circuit with digital display and has very easy-to-use controls. You can expect sound clarity with its built-in 4 ohm speaker.

Grundig has been synonymous with shortwave radio quality, and is the recognized leader in “state of the art”. Shortwave radio allows travelers to listen to English-speaking stations that broadcast on shortwave frequencies (BBC, Voice of America, Radio Canada International) when they’re traveling in non-English-speaking countries. Plus non-travelers can listen to shortwave radio for different views on world events, and coverage of international events that may not get air time on local, or even national radio or television.

Grundig Shortwave Radio Features:

  • The Grundig M400 is a super lightweight and compact AM/FM Shortwave radio
  • Its very slim profile is just under 1/2" in depth
  • AM/FM stereo and Shortwave bands AM (520-1710 kHz), FM (87-108 MHz), Shortwave (5.9-10 and 11.65-18 MHz)
  • Analog tuner with digital display
  • Clock and alarm function
  • Digital display shows frequency, time, and alarm activation
  • Telescopic antenna for FM and Shortwave reception
  • Internal ferrite bar antenna for AM reception
  • Built-in rubberized carry strap
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • Lock button prevents accidental frequency changes
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Also included are a soft carrying case with belt loop, ear buds, owner's manual and a warranty card
If you are thinking of buying a compact shortwave radio, this is definitely one well worth considering.

Colors: Available in Black
Size: 5.25 x 2.5 x 1.75"
Weight: 8.5 oz

Price: $29.85 USD

100% Satisfaction Guarantee   
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