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World Travel Gear and Travel Accessories - Best Binoculars - Compact Travel Binoculars Reviews
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Best Binoculars - Compact Travel Binoculars

Travel binoculars need to be light and compact so you can tuck them into carry-on luggage or a pocket. You should be looking for a magnification (zoom) of at least 7-10 power. The Micro-Zoom binoculars we've chosen below have a magnification or zoom of 7-21 to bring objects, stage performers and wildlife up close.

Micro-Zoom Binoculars by Sunagor - Compact Travel Binoculars

Compact Travel Binoculars
Micro-Zoom Binoculars
These are the world's smallest zoom binoculars and literally fit into the palm of a hand. Despite this product's tiny size, the binoculars offer a powerful zoom range of 7x up to 21x magnification. Because they are so small and light, they easily slip into a pocket, handbag or purse.

You'll be able to view that rare bird in Costa Rica or that majestic church turret in Chartres up close with these powerful binoculars. Zooms from 7x to 21x instantly with its one-touch zoom lever, yet is small enough to fit in a coat pocket. These compact binoculars have multi-coated ruby-tinted lenses which provide infrared and UV protection, and improve clarity for superb contrast and clear images.

A specially designed ridge-support system holds the binocular optics firmly in place during movement, which makes it ideal for travelers on the go and the perfect birding binoculars. Has center focus knob with independent right diopter adjustment, and roll-down eyecups for eyeglass wearers. Perfect for sporting events, concerts and walking tours.

Micro-Zoom Binoculars includes lens caps, deluxe case, neck strap and cleaning cloth. (3-3Ž4 x 3-1Ž2"; 11 oz w/case).

Price: $99.00 USD

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