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Italy Hotel Reviews - Recommendations for Luxury Hotels in Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Italy Hotel Reviews - Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole

by Wade Rowland - Part 2
Hotel Il Pellicano Italy hotel review
Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole
Tuscany Italy Coastline Setting

The newsworthy part of the story was that he he'd done it without a parachute, hoping the trees would break his fall (and nothing else). It worked, and the story caught the attention half a world away of Ms. Daszel, who filed it away in the back of her mind under "fascinating males I'd love to know." At the time Clark Gable was filling that niche in her life.

Through a series of coincidences, the airman and the heiress attended the same party in California, Graham by then in the employ of Volkswagen. Love bloomed and, so the story goes, the two traveled the world looking for a money-is-no-object place to live that satisfied their shared passion for the exotic and romantic.

They found it on this rocky, pine-carpeted peninsula, a spur on Italy's kneebone 150 km north of Rome. The ruggedly beautiful Tyrrhenian coastline with its sprinkling of islands had appealed to early Roman aristocrats as well, and ruins of their villas can be found nearby.

A thousand years later the Medici built fortifications, as did the Spaniards, who claimed the territory briefly. Formally a part of Tuscany, it has a wildness in its rocky escarpments and pine woods that contrasts sharply with the quiet, pastoral beauty of the inland portion of the province. It is no surprise to learn that the peninsula and adjoining islands were for centuries a favorite haunt of seagoing brigands.

The original villa built by Graham and Daszel has for about a quarter-century now been a part of a scattering of secluded cottages that together offer 31 rooms, 9 junior suites and 10 deluxe suites. The tile-roofed buildings spill down a hillside to a cliff overlooking the sea.

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Luxury Tuscany Italy Hotel Review - Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole Tuscany Italy Hotels

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