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World Travel Spa Reviews - Ayurvedic Spa Review - Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat - Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments worlwide
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Health Spa Vacations - Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat

by Wade Rowland - Part 4

"Blissful" is an overused adjective, but nothing else quite fits here. Because I suffer from occasional migraines, I was prescribed a Nasya treatment, in which face, shoulders and chest are massaged with medicated oils before a few drops of an herbal infusion are placed into the nostrils, followed by a more massage around the nose, forehead and chest. I'm normally a little squeamish about things like this, but the atmosphere was so relaxing and the therapist so practiced and gentle that I found it entirely pleasurable.

An Ayurvedic facial (called Ananabhyanga) was also recommended. It lasts three-quarters of an hour, and involves, once again, very specialized massage techniques and oils and creams infused with herbs selected for your particular dosha. I can speak for the toning and rejuvenating effects of the facial, which are remarkable (I was pleasantly shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror), but whether the fact that I wasn't bothered by headaches for some time afterward can be attributed to the treatments or not, I can't say for certain based on my one experience.

My strong suspicion is that the treatments do help, just as the detox therapies are said to help even cancer patients recovering from chemotherapy. This is real medicine (recognized by the World Health Organization), despite its gentle pleasures and the absence of side-effects.

Ayurveda can be a lifetime study, and frequently is in India, and a review like this one can do no more than provide the merest glimpse into what, for most Westerners, is another world of physical and spiritual experience. You can learn a bit more at the spa: the physicians provide evening lectures for interested guests.

Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat reviewAnd speaking of Westerners, if you prefer more conventional treatments in combination with Ayurveda, or on their own, Elemental Embrace offers a full spa menu from body wraps to Renaud facials and collagen veils, to aromatherapy and, yes, even Hawaiian hot stone massage. As it was explained to us, the intent is to provide "wellness in a spa atmosphere."

Treatment rooms are large, quiet and tastefully decorated. Facilities are rounded out with an indoor pool and hot tub, steam rooms and sauna, and a gym for those with the work-out habit. There's also a large, fully-equipped conference room for group meetings.

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Ayurvedic Spa Review - Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat - Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments - Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat

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